Did you know that the South Shore Inn is nearly one hundrewas stone arch depicted on the label of South Shore Wine Company wines is called a “soldier’s course”?

A "Must See" Historic Cellar

The South Shore Wine Company was originally established by grape growing pioneers William Griffith and Smith S. Hammond over 150 years ago.  The breathtaking stone wine cellar, inspired by French wine cellars, was closed during the Prohibition. It is now home to the newly re-established South Shore Wine Company and it stands in testimony of the beginnings of the now flourishing grape and wine industry in Erie County.

South Shore Wine Company

Specialty Wines

Honey Mead

Perhaps the most notable specialty wine at the South Shore Wine Company is the Honey Mead, created in a sweet, light and fresh style. Mead has long been considered a “wine for romance,” and has been produced independently worldwide since as early as 7000 b.c.

Traditional fruit wines at South Shore include Blackberry and Blueberry, while the Cranberry wine is produced using both Cranberry juice and Grape juice to balance its tartness. The ever-popular Sangria, which has a Concord wine base, is a sweet and citrusy year-round treat.

Also available at the South Shore Wine Co. is the fortified dessert wine Forte of Chambourcin, which is sweet and rich with intense flavors, perfect for enjoying in the cooler weather. Mazza Vineyards’ Ice Wine of Vidal Blanc, produced in the traditional Ice Wine style, is available for sampling as sale at South Shore, as well.  

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